i3 BMW rumored to change the i3 into the iX1

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BMW rumored to change the i3 into the iX1

BMW has already trademarked the iX1 name(all the way up to iX9) and it is rumored that they will be using this as a base for the electrified X series models. This means that in the 2022 time frame we may see an electric BMW X1 called the iX1, and it will be based on the i3 we have today. This gives room for the i3 to become a true competitor to the Tesla Model 3, but puts the actual electric X1 in a bind. When trying to rationalize the namine scheme, you'd think that the electric X1 should be called iX1, and it may be if they decide to call the current i3 the i1 or something like that. Regardless, they have quite a pickle on their hands in terms of their branding formula, at least from where we are sitting. If everything is to be believed, the i5 will actually be a cross over between the X3 and X5 sizes with four different battery capacities ranging from 60 to 130 kWh.

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